Revel Strength and Fitness will offers a variety of CrossFit classes each week. The CrossFit classes will follow the programming on the Revel website and will include a warmup, a strength or skill and the daily WOD. The class will run exactly one hour and the members will be expected to arrive on time to ensure proper warm up and review of movements used in the workout. 


The prerequisite for all beginning members at Revel Strength and Fitness.  This program is 4 classes spread across 2 weeks that will introduce beginners to the most important movements they can expect to see in daily workouts. These classes are small – usually less than 5 members – so you’ll get all the personal attention you need to get acquainted with your new gym.



This is a 45 minute lunch time class which is guaranteed to kickstart your metabolism and burn max calories. Utilizing equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, Concept 2 Rowers and Assault Air Bikes and even your own bodyweight you will get a full body workout that will have you burning calories all day. These classes will focus mainly on endurance and metabolic conditioning with high intensity interval training mixed in. This is perfect for the athlete needing a quick lunch time class or those who are looking to increase their overall endurance. 

Competitor’s Prep

Revel Strength strongly encourages our athletes to participate in CrossFit on a competitive level. We are very aware that competitive Athletes need more training than may be supplied with the daily WODs. We encourage those who are interested in ramping up their programming to email Christina directly to talk about joining this competitive group.


Whether the athlete has been doing yoga their whole life or have never stepped onto a mat, this is a great class to help them stretch out the kinks from our WOD classes. The more flexible a person is, the better equipped they are to get into the correct positions needed to keep their body functioning properly and safe during their workouts. Emily Faxon has been teaching yoga for over 5 years and teaches an all levels vinyasa flow that incorporates deep stretching while flowing through longer poses and balances. This is a great addition to your fitness regime.